The Tim McCarver Show US Coverage

The Tim McCarver Show is broadcast 52 weeks, per year, in more than 100 million US homes as well as in Europe on NASN, and throughout Canada on several cable networks. Please check your local listings for broadcast dates in your area.

1. New York: WCBS/CBS Sat/Sun 12N-5pm & WLNY/IND Sat/Sun 9am-8pm
2. Los Angeles: KCBS/CBS Sat/Sun 12N-5pm & KCAL/IND Sat/Sun 630pm (& S/S Aft. Adj. Dodger BB)
3. Chicago: WBBM/CBS Sat/Sun 12N-5pm
4. Philadelphia: WPHL/CW Sat/Sun 1130am-11pm Sat 1130am
5. Dallas-Fort Worth: KTVT/CBS Sat/Sun 12N-6pm & KTXA/IND Sat/Sun Aft. Adj. Rangers Baseball
6. San Francisco: KNTV/NBC Sat/Sun 9am-2am NBC Sports Adjacencies.
7. Boston: WBZ/CBS Sat/Sun 12N-5pm, 1230am & WSBK/IND Sat/Sun 12N-11pm
8. Washington DC: WJLA/ABC Sat/Sun 630am-5pm & News Channel 8 Sun 830pm
9. Atlanta: WGCL/CBS Sat/Sun 9am-6pm CBS Sports adjacencies.
10. Houston: KUBE/IND Sat & Sun 6pm or 630pm, 2/wk (Adj.Year-round Sports/Conference Schedules)
11. Detroit: WXYZ/ABC Sat/Sun 12N-5pm & Sat/Sun 6am-12N
12. Seattle: KOMO/ABC Sat/Sun 6am-1am Daytime and Sports Adjacencies.
13. Phoenix: KTVK/IND/KPHO/CBS Sat/Sun 12N-1230am
14. Tampa: WWSB/ABC Sat/Sun 11am-12Mid & Sun 5am
15. Minneapolis: WCCO/CBS Sat/Sun 9am-6pm Sat 1130am adj to CBS Sports + OTO Sports adjacencies
16. Miami: WTVJ/NBC Sun 1130pm & Sat/Sun 10am-6pm Sports adj.
17. Denver: Cable Coverage
18. Cleveland: WEWS/ABC Sat/Sun 5am-12Mid & Sat/Sun 9am-6pm OTOs Sports adj. (Cal.Yr)
19. Orlando: Cable Coverage
20. Sacramento: KCRA/NBC Sat 12N-6pm & Sat/Sun 9am-12M Sports adj.
21. St. Louis: KMOV/CBS Sun 12M-1am & Sat/Sun 10am-6pm Sports adj (Cal. Yr.)
22. Portland OR: KPTV/FOX Sun 1130pm & Sat/Sun 9am-12Mid Sports adj.
23. Pittsburgh: WPXI/NBC Sat/Sun 12N-5pm Sports adj. & Pittsburg Cable News Channel 2/wk at 330pm
24. Raleigh-Durham: WRAL/CBS Sun 113pm & 1205pm & WRAZ/FOX Sat/Sun Sports adj.
25. Charlotte: WBTV/CBS Sun 113pm and Sat/Sun 10am-6pm Sports adj.
26. Indianapolis: WISH/IND Sun 12N-1pm & Sat/Sun 11am-6pm Sports adj & WNDY/MY Sun 12M
27. Baltimore: WBFF/FOX Sat 12N-5pm & Sat/Sun 10am-6pm Sports adj.
28. San Diego: Cable Coverage
29. Nashville: WKRN/ABC Sun 1130pm & Sat/Sun 10am-6pm Sports adj.
30. Hartford-New HavenWTNH/ABC Sat/Sun 10am-6pm Sports adj. & WCTX Sun 11pm & NY Yankees adj.
31. Kansas City: KMBC/ABC Sat/Sun 10am-6pm Sports adj & KCWE/CW Sat 330pm
32. Columbus OH: Cable Coverage
33. Salt Lake City: KJZZ/IND Sun 1030pm & Sat/Sun 10am-12M Sports adj.
34. Milwaukee: WVTV/CW Sat/Sun 10am-12M & WCGV/MY Sat 230pm
35. Cincinnati: WSTR/MY Sat/Sun 10am-12M & WKRC/CBS Sat/Sun 10am-6pm OTO Sports adj.
36. San Antonio: WOAI/NBC Sat/Sun 12N-6pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
37. Greenville-Spar.: WLOS/ABC Sun 1pm & WMYA/MY Sat 10am
38. West Palm Beach: WPBF/ABC Sat/Sun 12N-5pm
39. Birmingham: WIAT/CBS Sat 11am alternating with Sat 630pm & Aft.Sports & Untamed Sports D.2: Sports adj.
40. Las Vegas: KLAS/CBS Sat 10am & Sat/Sun 11am-6pm Sports adj.
41. Harrisburg: WHP/CBS Sat/Sun 10am-6pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.-WLYH/CW
42. Grand Rapids: WOOD/NBC Sat/Sun 10am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj & WXSP/MY Sun 1130pm
43. Norfolk: WVEC/ABC Sat/Sun 10am-6pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj OTOs (Cal. Yr.)
44. Oklahoma City: KSBI/IND/KWTV/CBS Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
45. Albuquerque: KASA/FOX Sat/Sun Sports adj & KRQE/CBS Sun 1105pm & Sat/Sun 10am-6pm Sports adj.
46. Greensboro-H.P.: WXLV/ABCSat/Sun 9am-6pm & WMYV/MY Sun 10am
47. Austin: KEYE/CBS Sat/Sun 10am-6pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
48. Louisville: WDRB/FOX Sat/Sun 10am-6pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
49. Memphis: WREG/CBS Sat/Sun 10am-12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
50. Jacksonville: WTEV/CBS Sat/Sun 10am-6pm Sports adj. & WAWS/FOX Sat 830am Sports Block & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
51. Buffalo: WGRZ/NBC Sat/Sun 10am-6 pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
52. New Orleans: WWL/CBS Sun 1035-1am & Sat/Sun 10am-6pm Sports adj. (Cal. Yr.)
53. Providence: WJAR/NBC Sat/Sun 10am-3pm & Sat/Sun 10am-12M Sports adj.
54. Wilkes-Barre: WOLF/FOX Sat/Sun 9am-6pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
55. Fresno: KAIL/MY Sun 11pm
56. Little Rock: KARK/NBC-KLRT/FOX-KARZ/MY Sat/Sun Sports Adjacencies & Sun 1030am adj Dallas Cowboys
57. Richmond: WRIC/ABC Sat/Sun 10am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adjacencies
58. Albany NY: WXXA/FOX Sun 1030pm-12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
59. Tulsa: KJRH/NBC Sun 1130pm-1230am & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
60. Mobile-Pensacola: WPMI/NBC Sun 12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
61. Knoxville: WVLT/CBS Sat/Sun 10am-6pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
62. Fort Myers: WINK/CBS Sun 1130pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
63. Dayton: WDTN/NBC Sun 12M-1am & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
64. Lexington: WDKY/FOX Sat/Sun 9am-6pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
65. Charleston-Hunt.: WVAH/FOX-WCHS/ABC Sat/Sun 10am-12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
66. Roanoke: WDBJ/CBS Sun 1135pm and Sat/Sun 9am-6pm Aft. Sports adj.
67. Wichita: KSAS/FOX Sat/Sun 10am-12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
68. Flint: WSMH/FOX Sat/Sun 730am-12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj
69. Green Bay: WFRV/CBS Sun 11pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
70. Tucson: KVOA/NBC Sun 12N & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
71. Honolulu: KFVE/MY Sat 530pm & Sun 2pm
72. Des Moines: KDSM/FOX Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
73. Spokane: KXLY/ABC Sat 230pm and Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
74. Toledo: WUPW/FOX Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
75. Springfield MO: KYTV/NBC Sat/Sun 10am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj. & KSPR/ABC Sat/Sun Sports adj.
76. Omaha: KETV/ABC Sat/Sun 9am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
77. Columbia SC: WACH/FOX Sat/Sun 9am-12Mid Sports adj.
78. Portland ME: WPFO/FOX Sun 10am & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
79. Rochester: WHAM/ABC Sat/Sun 8am-12M & WHAM D.2 Sat/Sun 10am-12M
80. Huntsville: WAAY/ABC Sun 1135pm & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
81. Paducah-C. Girard.: KBSI/FOX Sat/Sun 8am-1am & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj & WDKA/MY Sun 1030am
82. Champaign-Sprfld WCIA/CBS Sun 1030pm and Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
83. Shreveport: KMSS/FOX-KSHV/MY Sat/Sun 10am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
84. Syracuse: WSTM/NBC Sat/Sun 10am-12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
85. Madison: WISC/CBS Sat/Sun Sports adj & ETVW/MY Sat/Sun 11am-5pm
86. Chattanooga: WDSI/FOX Sat/Sun 91m-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
87. Harlingen-Wslco: Cable Coverage
88. Waco: KWKT/FOX Sat/Sun 9am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
89. Cedar Rapids: KFXA/FOX Sun 1030pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
90. Colorado Springs: KKTV/CBS Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
91. El Paso: Cable Coverage
92. Savannah: Cable Coverage
93. Jackson MS: Cable Coverage
94. Baton Rouge: WVLA/NBC Sat/Sun 9am-6pm Sports adj. & WGMB/FOX Sat/Sun 8am-6pm Sports adj.
95. Burlington: Cable Coverage
96. Tri-Cities: WKPT/ABC- Sat/Sun 9am-12M
97. South Bend: WSJV/FOX Sat/Sun 10am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
98. Charleston SC: WCIV/ABC WCIV D.2/MY Sat/Sun 8am-12M & Sat/Sun Sprots adj.
99. Greenville-N.B.: WNCT/CBS Sat/Sun 9am-12 M
100. Davenport: WQAD/ABC Sun 1035pm and Sat/Sun Sports adj.
101. Fort Smith: KHBS/ABC Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
102. Johnstown WJAC/NBC Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
103. Myrtle Beach-Flor .WPDE/ABC Sun 1135pm and Sat/Sun Sports adj.
104. Evansville: Cable Coverage
105. Lincoln: Cable Coverage
106. Tallahassee: WTLH/FOX Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports.
107. Tyler-Longview: KETK/NBC Sat/Sun Sports adj. & KFXK/FOX Sat/Sun 10am-6pm & S/S Sports adj.
108. Reno: KRXI/FOX Sat/Sun 12N-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
109. Fort Wayne: Cable Coverage
110. Youngstown: KYFX/FOX Sat/Sun 9am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj. & WKBN/CBS Sports OTOs.
111. Augusta GA: WRDW/CBS Sun 9am & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
112. Boise: KIVI/ABC Sat/Sun Sports adj & KNIN/FOX Sun 12N & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
113. Sioux Falls: KELO/CBS Sat/Sun 10am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
114. Springfield MA: WGGB/ABC Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports OTOs.
115. Lansing: WLNS/CBS Sat/Sun 8am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
116. Peoria: WMBD/CBS Sat 1030pm and Sat/Sun Sports adj.
117. Fargo: Cable Coverage
118. Macon: Cable Coverage
119. Montgomery: Cable Coverage
120. Traverse City: Cable Coverage
121. Eugene: KLSR/FOX Sat/Sun 8am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
122. Santa Barbara: Cable Coverage
123. Yakima-Pasc: KCYU/FOX Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj
124. Lafayette LA: KLFY/CBS Sat/Sun 10am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
125. Monterey-Salinas: KION/CBS Sat/Sun Sports Adjacencies & Sun 1230am
126. Bakersfield: Cable Coverage
127. Columbus GA: WRBL/CBS Sat/Sun Sports Adjacencies & Sun 1130pm
128. La Crosse: WKBT/CBS Sat/Sun 9a-11pm & WQBT/MY Sat/Sun 9a-11p
129. Corpus Christi: KZTV/CBS Sat 630pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
130. Amarillo: Cable Coverage
131. Chico-Redding: KNVN/NBC Sat/Sun 8am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj. & KHSL/CBS Sports adj.
132. Wilmington NC: Cable Coverage
133. Columbus-Tupelo: Cable Coverage
134. Rockford: WQRF/FOX Sat 12N & Sat/Sun Sports OTOs. & WTVO/ABC Sat/Sun Sports OTOs
135. Wausau-Rhine.: WSAW/CBS Sun 8am & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
136. Topeka: Cable Coverage
137. Monroe-El D.: KTVE/NBC Sports adj. & KARD/FOX Sat/Sun 8am-1am & Sports adj.
138. Columbia-Jeff.C.: Cable Coverage
139. Duluth: Cable Coverage
140. Medford: KMVU/FOX Sat/Sun 10am-6 pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj
141. Beaumont: Cable Coverage
142. Wichita Falls: Cable Coverage
143. Lubbock: Cable Coverage
144. Salisbury: Cable Coverage
145. Palm Springs: KPSP/CBS Sat/Sun 630pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj
146 Erie: Cable Coverage
147. Sioux City: Cable Coverage
148. Anchorage: KTVA/CBS Sun 3pm & Sat/Sun 9am-12M Sports adj.
149. Joplin: Cable Coverage
150. Albany GA: WALB/NBC-WALB D.2CBS Sat/Sun 12N-8pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
151. Odessa-Midland: Cable Coverage
152. Minot-Bismark: Cable Coverage
153. Rochester-M.C.: Cable Coverage
154. Terre Haute: Cable Coverage
155. Bangor: Cable Coverag
156. Bluefield-Beckley: Cable Coverage
157. Binghamton: WICZ/FOX-WBPN/CW Sat/Sun 10am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
158. Wheeling-Steub.: Cable Coverage
159. Panama City: WECP/CBS Sat 11am & Sun 1030am & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
160. Idaho Falls-Poc.: KXFI/FOX-KIDK/CBS-KIFI/ABC-QIFI/IND Sports Adjacencies
161. Sherman-Ada: KTEN/NBC Sat/Sun 9am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
162. Biloxi: WLOX/ABC Sat/Sun 10am-12 Mid Weekly adjacent to ABC Sports
163. Gainesville: WGFL/CBS Sat/Sun 11am-1am & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
164. Abilene-: Cable Coverage
165. Missoula: Cable Coverage
166. Yuma-El Centro: KECY/ABC Sat/Sun 730am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
167. Hattiesburg: Cable Coverage
168. Billings: KHMT/FOX Sat/Sun Sports adj. & KSVI/ABC Sun 1030pm-1130pm & Sports adj
169. Dothan: WTVY/CBS Sun 730am & Sat/Sun Sports adj
170. Clarksburg-WestonCable Coverage
171. Quincy: Cable Coverage
172. Utica: Cable Coverage
173. Rapid City: Cable Coverage
174. Elmira: Cable Coverage
175. Lake Charles: Cable Coverage
176. Jackson TN: Cable Coverage
177. Watertown: Cable Coverage
178. Harrisonburg: WHSV/ABC Sun 1pm & Sports adj & WHVA/FOX Sat/Sun Sports OTOs
179. Alexandria: Cable Coverage
180. Marquette: WJMN/CBS Sun 12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
181. Jonesboro: Cable Coverage
182. Bowling Green: Cable Coverage
183. Charlottesville: WAHV/FOX Sat/Sun Sport adj. & WCAV/CBS Sat/Sun Sports adj & WVAW/ABC Sat 6pm & Sports OTOs
184. Grand Junction: KJCT/ABC Sun 1205am & Sat/Sun 9am-6pm Sports adj.
185. Laredo: Cable Coverage
186. Meridian: Cable Coverage
187. Greenwood-Green: Cable Coverage
188. Lafayette IN: Cable Coverage
189. Butte-Bozeman: Cable Coverage
190. Great Falls: KBGF/NBC Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj
191. Twin Falls: KSAW/ABC Sat/Sun 7am & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
192. Parkersburg: WTAP/NBC Sat/Sun 9am-6pm & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
193. Bend: Cable Coverage
194. Eureka: Cable Coverage
195. Cheyenne: KCHY/NBC Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
196. Casper-Riverton: KCWY/NBC Sat/Sun 9am-12M & Sat/Sun Sports adj.
197. San Angelo: Cable Coverage
198. Mankato: Cable Coverage
199. Ottumwa-Kirk.: KTVO/ABC-KTVO D.2/CBS Sat//Sun 7a-12Mid plus OTOs Sports adjacencies
200. St. Joseph: Cable Coverage
201. Lima: Cable Coverage
202. Fairbanks: KFXF/FOX-KXD/CBS Sat/Sun 8am-12M & Sat/Sun Aft. Sports adj.
203. Zanesville: Cable Coverage
204. Victoria: Cable Coverage
205. Presque Isle: Cable Coverage
206. Helena: KTVH/NBC Sat/Sun Sports adj. & KMTF/FOX Sat/Sun 9am-12M Sports adj
207. Juneau: Cable Coverage
208. Alpena: Cable Coverage
209. North Platte: Cable Coverage
210. Glendive: Cable Coverage